Adjustable-Shank Tool Holder AT-32 & AT-40

Adjustable-Shank Tool Holder AT-32 & AT-40Aloris is Proud to feature the AT-32 & AT-40 ADJUSTABLE SHANK TOOL HOLDERS. Our sales have recently skyrocketed after CNC Lathe Specialists discovered that this tool has an Insert holding Cartridge that indexes every 15 Degrees. The AT Series also offers a unique Insert locking system that provides plenty of clearance for chip removal in any position. Once mounted in the CNC Turret the Insert can be used on operations requiring a number of Tool Geometrics by simply loosening a screw and Indexing the Insert to any one of the 12 Positive Locking Positions.

The Offset of the Tool position can be recorded and stored for future reference. Then the Setup Person can setup another part, Index the Insert to whatever Insert Angle that would be appropriate, use the saved offsets and make a part. We have many customers that have mounted several of these Tools in the Turret and never take them out saving time and money.

Aloris provides assorted Insert Geometries for a variety of Materials. There is nothing faster for setting up a new part to make. When using multiple Tools in the Turret the Carbide inserts will be standardized so less Insert inventory is required. These Tools are a real value and a tremendous asset to any shop. A Tried and True Tool Proudly Made In The USA since 1966.