Aloris Spindle Stop

The Aloris Spindle Stop is now celebrating its 50th Birthday.

The Stop was introduced 50 Years ago and is now the most popular means of locating a workpiece in the Spindle of a CNC Lathe, Manual Lathe, Indexing Head or Rotary Head.

The Spindle Stop is used in the following manner:

  • Load a part into the Collet or Chuck to the desired length and lock in place.
  • Load the Spindle Stop into the opposite side of the Spindle.
  • Turn the Spindle Stop Handle Clockwise to expand the keys and lock in place.
  • Pull the handle out.
  • Now parts loaded into the Spindle will repeat to the same position.
  • The process takes a minute.
  • To remove or readjust for other operations simply insert the wrench that is provided and turn counterclockwise.