Automatic Thru Coolant Tool Post

Aloris Tool Technology is proud to introduce their new “Aloris Automatic Thru Coolant Tool Post”.

This newly designed Tool Post has all the traditional superior benefits that Machinists have enjoyed for over 60 Years. Aloris has incorporated coolant passages that provide the coolant to pass thru the Tool Post into the Tool Holder and thru a number of options provide the Coolant right to the tip of the Cutting Tool or Boring Bar.

There are no messy hoses or nozzles to readjust when changing tools. When the Tool Holder is placed on the Tool Post and locked in place the Coolant is automatically turned on by the means of teh automatic Ball Value opening, allowing the coolant to pass thru. There are 2 optional outlets that are not automatically available for other applications.

These Tool Posts have been used in the Aloris Manufacturing Facility in Clifton NJ USA where all Aloris Products are produced. The Aloris Automatic Tool Post will be available in series AXA thru EA. Anyone with interest can contact us and be on the list for technical info and video as soon as they are available. This is truly a fantastic system.