Carbide Insert Cut-Off Blade

Wedge-Lock Carbide Insert Blade

#7 Holder with self-grip carbide insert

#7 Holder with self-grip carbide insert

The Aloris Lathe Tool Designers have introduced the Wedge-Lock Carbide Insert Blade. For over 60 Years, Aloris has provided Machine Shops around the world with our #7 Universal Parting Blade Holder along with a High-Speed “T” type Cut-off Blade. The High Speed Blade is a dependable and proven method of Cut-Off and Grooving but now you can purchase the Carbide Insert Blade and install it into any Aloris, Dorian, Phase II, or DTM Holder you may already have.

No other purchases or modifications are necessary. The Insert that fits into the Blade changes in seconds and increases productivity dramatically. No time is lost attempting to sharpen the blade and no breakage due to improper clearances.

The Insert provides an irregular shape on the top surface that reduces the width on the chip reducing galling and seizing during the cut-off. The Blade and Inserts are available in AXA thru EA Series. Blade widths range from 3/32 to 3/16. Inserts are available in Left, Neutral, or Right Hand Lead Angles. Now is the time to make a small investment and receive a large return by replacing your High-Speed Blade with this incredible upgrade.

  • Use the NEW Aloris Wedge-Lock Carbide Insert Blade in place of the high-speed “T” type cut-off blade
  • Carbide inserts run 4x faster than high-speed blades
  • No down time resharpening, just pop in a NEW Wedge-Lock insert
  • Use standard coated and uncoated wedge-lock cut-off inserts
  • The Aloris Wedge-Lock Carbide Insert Blade is specifically designed to fit Aloris # 7 holders and it also fits Dorian, DTM, Armstrong and Phase II “T” type holders