Universal Parting and Grooving Holders

Universal Parting Blade Holder

#7 and #7R Holders are only for use with T-type blades shown below; or with bevel (wedge-shape) blades having parallel top and bottom edges, as shown below. For bevel (see drawing) as well as T-type blades. Enables you to cut-off close to chuck. Absence of vibration prevents breaking blades.

Aloris #7 Quick Change Cut-Off & Groving Holder  Aloris #7 Quick Change Cut-Off & Groving Holder Illustration

Universal Parting Blade Tool Holder-Reversible

Has the same features as #7 with the advantage of rear cut-off use.

Aloris #7R Universal Parting Blade Tool Holder-Reversible  Aloris #7R Universal Parting Blade Tool Holder-Reversible Illustration