Universal Tool Holders

Aloris Universal Tool Holders #20, #30, #22

For right or left hand turning, facing, chamfering and boring (#22)

A unique design for models #20 & #30 holders provides for many angular turning, contouring and chamfering operations. The cartridge has 12 indexing positions at 15° intervals. See illustration below.

The model #22 with its two dovetail design leads to a wide range of applications by permitting front and rear turning, contouring, boring and facing operations.

All holders assure proper cutting edge and clearance angles at all indexing points.

Aloris Universal Tool Holder #20  Aloris Universal Tool Holder #22

Aloris Universal Tool Holder #30

Aloris Universal Tool Holder #30Tool Steel Cartridge adjusts every 15° for right or left hand turning, facing or chamfering. 12 positive lock positions. Exclusive positive lock with 2-way force holding insert down and tight against shoulder. Standard triangular carbide insert has 6 cutting edges.

pictorial_diagram_of_cartridge  cartridge_toolpost