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Qualified Tool Post DA-Q

Brand: Aloris
Product Code: DA-Q
Availability: 2-3 Days

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CA-Q & DA-Q Qualified Tool Posts have been discontinued. Due to new Production Methods at Aloris ALL TOOL POSTS are now made more accurate then the Qualified Model Standards. They are available in ALL SERIES  and there is no additional charge.

A full range of qualified tooling to meet the rigorous repeat accuracy demands of C.N.C. Lathe operation, combined with the advantages and convenience of quick-change versatility, high-precision and superb workmanship – time and job proven qualities which have made Aloris products the tools preferred by lathe craftsmen for over 40 years. The Aloris Q System provides simplicity in set-up, programming and operation of C.N.C. lathes. The point of origin (grid line), custom located for your particular lathe, is a fixed reference for setting up all tools used in the system. The Aloris Q System can also be used on conventional lathes, with superior results.

Aloris Q System Tool Posts have fully qualified working surfaces. Perpendiculars are accurately parallel and square to the base. For point of origin location,
qualified surface data and other dimensions see below.

Dimensions (see image) A: 3.1"; B: 4.4"; Swing: 24"

Replacement "T" Bolt: DA-TB

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