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80º Carbide Insert CNMG-432-A6
Dimensions I.C.: 1/2"; H: 0.203"; R: 1/32"; T: 3/16" Also available in gra..
Turning Holder for Carbide Triangular Inserts CXA-12
Accommodates standard triangular carbide insert positive rake. Furnished with fully adjustable carbi..
Combination Turning & Facing Holder CXA-16
Accommodates standard triangular positive rake carbide inserts. Unique design permits both right han..
Stand Up Insert Cartridge AT-2V
Aloris Series V Threading Cartridge for two triangular 60° threading inserts. Dimensions (see image..
Diamond Turning & Facing Tool CXAD-80
Aloris Series D80 and D80L dovetail holders accommodate all varieties of standard 80° diamond shaped..
GT Style Aloris Wedge-Grip Carbide Cut-Off Insert GTN-3P-767
Cutting width: .0120"; Lead angle: 0º Also available in grades A2 and A6. Inserts are priced indiv..
Knurling, Turning & Facing Holder CA-10
For turning and facing as well as knurling. Supplied with a set of high speed precision gr..
Indexable Boring Bar Holder DA-104-I
Heavy duty boring bar holder with precision ground bore and set screw clamping to provide maximum ri..
Threading Holder DA-8
This universal threading holder comes with an interchangeable high speed threading blade which has t..
Universal Parting Blade Holder CXA-7
Only for use with the Aloris Wedge-Lock Carbide Insert blades, T-type blades or with bevel (wedge-sh..
Carbide Insert TNMG-432-767
Carbide insert for double-lock tool holders AD8-4, ADS8-4, ADS8-4L, AD10-4, ADS10-4, and ADS10-4L. A..
Cut-Off & Grooving Holder DA-77
Designed for extremely high rigidity under heavy duty conditions, and cool chatter-free operation at..
AXA -TB "T" Bolt Replacement for Aloris Tools AXA Tool Post
Replacement "T" Bolt for Aloris Super-Precision Tool Post. Includes stud and T-nut. Standard T-..
Handles for BXA
Replacement Handles for Aloris Super-Precision Tool Post  ..
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