Cut-Off & Grooving Blade SGIH 32-3PS

Brand: Aloris
Product Code: SGIH 32-3PS
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Positive stop blade. Inserts are securely held in Wedge-Lock blades by a tapered locking system featuring a “Positive Stop” that prevents insert drift and the blade pocket from spreading once the insert is set firmly in place. No additional clamping devices are required. Wedge-Lock Positive Stop blades are used with existing GTN inserts and tool blocks. Extraction tool included.

Dimensions (see image):
Width (± 0.004"): 0.120"; D max: 4"; A: 3/32"; L: 57/8"; H: 63/64"; H1: 11/4"

​Fits CA-77 and DA-77

Insert styles:
GTN/R/L -3




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