CNC Tool Block SGTBN 25-6

Brand: Aloris
Product Code: SGTBN 25-6
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*********  LEAD TIME - 1-2 WEEKS **********


Simple block design accommodates Wedge-Lock and competitive blade systems. Unique wedge clamp provides firm seating for light and heavy duty cut-off and grooving operations.
Two piece design provides stability, strength and correct alignment of blade for maximum performance. The two piece design facilitates easy installation to many CNC machining centers. Can be utilized for left or right hand operations.

Dimensions (see image):
A: 1"; B: 25/32"; C: 45/16";D: 17/8"; E: 115/32"

Blade Styles:
SGIH 32-3
SGIH 32-4
SGIH 32-5
SGIH 32-6

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