Aloris Adjustable-Shank Tool Holder AT-32

Brand: Aloris
Product Code: AT-32
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The adjustable shank feature introduces added flexibility — turning the shank 90° permits choice of shank and cutting tool alignment. The cartridge, with its 12 indexing positions at 15° intervals, provides for many angular turning operations. The two-way adjustable rake provides for right or left hand turning, facing and chamfering. Rake has 5° cutting angle with positive stop. Adjustment is made by loosening cradle lock screw and selecting desired setting.

Dimensions (see image) A: 4"; B: 1"; C: 3/4"; D: 47/8"; H: 7/8"; H1: 3/4"

Replacement Parts:
Cartridge: CRT-20
Hex Locking Pin: LP-20
Locking Screw: LS-20
Cradle: CC-20S

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