Aloris Adjustable Chipbreaker Boring Bar CBB-4

Brand: Aloris
Product Code: CBB-4
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• Heat-treated alloy steel
• Supplied with adjustable carbide chip-breaker and carbide shim to protect the boring bar
• Accommodates standard positive rake triangular inserts
• Used for boring to square shoulder
• Can be used with open slot holders #1 and #2, as well as heavy duty holders #4, #41, #4D, #41D, #100, #104, #141

Boring Bar Size
Square: 11/4"
Round: 11/2"
Length: 16"

Minimum Bore Diameter: 15/8"

Insert Size
I.C.: 1/2"; thickness: 3/16"

Replacement Parts:
Adjustable Chipbreaker: CB-46
Chipbreaker Clamp Screw: SCR-12
Carbide Shim: SM-37
Carbide Shim Screw: SM-37SS

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