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Adjustable Threading Holder with HS Blade & AT88 Head AXA-88

Brand: Aloris
Product Code: AXA-88
Availability: In Stock


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The new Aloris Series 88 Adjustable Threading Holder for right and left-hand threading is designed for use with the new Aloris AT1H, AT1V or AT2V dual insert threading holders with two carbide cutting tips. In addition, the #88 Series holder will accommodate standard Aloris AT86 threading insert holders as well as standard high speed steel (HSS) Aloris P Series or AC Series. The key characteristics of the Series 88 holder is its adjustability feature which allows easy setting of the thread helix angle 10° to the left or right by means of two set screws, a direct-reading scale and a built-in locking feature.

Dimensions (see image) A: 11/8"; B: 15/8"; C: 11/2"; D: 21/4"
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