Scribing Tools
  • Interchangeable carbide scribing drill mounted in the holder
  • Rigid heat-treated tool steel holder
  • Designed with spring system to retract drill for uneven surface
  • Extra function to use chamfer milling for hole edge
  • TiN coated 90 degree drill point with dual angle for stable scribing
  • Carbide flatted shank drill to fit in STH holder
  • Locking by side screws fastening
  • Adjustable tension by threaded screw from holder end

How to assemble scribing tool

A. Push ① SD 080, Scribing tool into tool body until hiding flatted shank  completely
B. Lock ② Locking screw completely
C. Insert ③ Tension SHT-spring inside of tool body
D. Turn ④ Adjustment screw right-hand direction and push into the holder-end
E. Finally, loose ② Locking screw by 45” left-hand direction(about 1/8 turn) so that spring’s tension can be performed

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