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Aloris Indexable Tool Post CA-I

Brand: Aloris
Product Code: CA-I
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The Aloris Indexable Tool Post allows 4 independent tool holders to be locked to the tool post simultaneously. This allows the operator to do multiple operations by means of indexing the tool post to any of the 24 locking positions. The index positioning and locking is accomplished by the same means as a turret on a CNC Lathe. This is the ultimate in productivity on Manual and CNC Lathes without indexing capabilities. Two standard Aloris Tool Holders can be mounted with no modification or you can modify some existing Aloris holders to fit the indexable tool post.

• Precision Engineered to Assure Repetitive Accuracy
• Accuracy Within Millionths!
• CNC Applications
• Super Rigidity
• No Shims Required
• Available with Anti-rotation Key (Optional)
• Furnished with Blank “T” Nut or Machined “T” Nut (Optional- add CA-I-TM to cart)
• Industry Standard
• Repeatability of .00005
• Some standard Aloris Tool Holders will fit if slightly modified
• All components heat treated and ground
• 24 positions, 15° precision indexing through heat treated precision ground face gears
• Precision engineered to assure repetitive accuracy
• Full length wedge lock as featured on the traditional Aloris Tool Post for ultimate rigidity
• Optionally furnished with anti-rotation key precision fit to lathe compound (eliminates rotation and movement of tool post under extreme cutting conditions)
• The highest quality lathe tool accessories available
• Only 3 sizes required for up to 36 inch swing
• Over forty five years of machine tool manufacturing experience
• Mounting wrench included with tool post
A: 4"; B: 39/16"; C: 69/16"; D: 3/4"; Swing: 15" - 22"
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