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Aloris Series ATB Internal Threading Bar Right Hand ATB-1R
Aloris ATB Series threading bars can be used for internal right or left-hand threading. Availab..
Aloris Socket Screw T Wrench TW-1
These indispensable tools are essential in every tool room, machine shop, and to all other industria..
Replacement Gibs for AXA tool post..
Boring Bar BB-9
For square tool bits. Designed for cutting 45° angle. Diameter: 3/4"; Length: 6"; Tool Bit: 1/4"..
Boring, Turning and Facing Holder CXA-2
"V" groove holds round shank boring bars and tools as well as square tool bits. Dimensions (see ima..
Carbide Inserts for Mini Swivel-Cartridge Tool Holder ATPGHL-431-A2*
Use with Swivel Head CRT-10. Also available in grades A6 and 767. Dimensions (see image) I.C.:&nb..
GT Style Aloris Wedge-Grip Carbide Cut-Off Insert GTL-4P-A2
Cutting width: .160"; Lead angle: 8º Also available in grades A6 and 767. Inserts are priced indiv..
Heavy Duty Boring Bar Holder CXA-41
Equipped with a split bushing to accommodate a boring bar of smaller diameter. It grips bar with ext..
Indexable Morse Taper Holder BXA-53I
Precision ground taper bore with tang locks. Morse Taper drills securely so operator can power feed ..
Insert Holding Screw ASD-8PSCR*
Priced individually but sold in packs of 10. Size: 8-32 x 1/2..
Morse Taper Holder EA-5
Morse Taper Holder. Drills with carriage by using power feed instead of tail stock. Easily centered...
Partial Profile 60° Triangular Threading Insert 22ER-LN60-LH*-A2
For use with Laydown Insert Cartridge AT-2H. Style 60° V-LH. Also available in grades A6 and 767. D..
Turning and Facing Holder AXA-1
Takes various sizes of bits. Turning and facing tools can be locked in together. Saves time and labo..
60° Partial Profile Internal Carbide Threading Insert 1/4-AIT-R60-767*
For use with Boring Bar ATB-1. Also available in grades A2 and A6. Inserts priced individually,..
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