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Clamp ACK-12*

Brand: Aloris
Product Code: ACK-12*
Availability: In Stock


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The Clamp ACK-12 is a versatile and reliable tool designed for secure work holding in machining applications. Engineered with precision, this clamp ensures robust clamping, providing stability and accuracy during various machining processes.

Its adjustable features and durable construction make it a valuable asset in the workshop, allowing for efficient and repeatable clamping of workpieces.

The Clamp ACK is an essential tool for machinists seeking precision and reliability in their work holding solutions, offering a dependable solution for a wide range of machining tasks. Elevate your machining experience with the efficiency and strength of the Clamp ACK.

We offer more size: Clamp ACK-19 and Clamp ACK-21.

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