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CNC Tool Block SGTBN 16-2

Brand: Aloris
Product Code: SGTBN 16-2
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The SGTBN 16-2 Parting/Grooving Tool Blocks can be used in both CNC and Manual Lathes, Left or Right Hand.

It accepts the SGIH 19-2 Wedge Grip Cutoff/Grooving Blade and  GTN/L/R 2.4 (.093) Wide Wedge-Grip Carbide Inserts.

The Blades and Inserts are interchangeable with all major Manufacturers. Always adjust the blade to be as stubby as possible to assure efficient cutting without chatter or vibration.

Dimensions (see image):

A: 5/8"; B: 5/8"; C: 3"; D: 13/8"; E: 1"  


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