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Cut-Off & Grooving Blade SGIH 32-3

Brand: Aloris
Product Code: SGIH 32-3
Availability: In Stock


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Regular style blade. Inserts are securely held in Wedge-Lock blades by a tapered locking system. No additional clamping devices are required. 

The Regular Style will continue to be offered until stock runs out; once inventory is depleted, Aloris will continue to offer the Positive Stop Style, which prevents insert drift and the blade pocket from spreading once set firmly in place. 

Blade Dimensions (see image):

Width (± 0.09"); L: 5.90"; H: 1.22"

Dimensions (see image 2):
Width (± 0.09"): 0.120"; D max: 4"; A: 3/32"; L: 57/8"; H: 63/64"; H1: 11/4"

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