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Profiling Tool Holder DA-115L

Brand: Aloris
Product Code: DA-115L
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Available with right or left hand design for front or rear turning, profiling and contouring operations. Design features include: Unique, positive locking of insert is accomplished by the two-way force exerted by locking pin and the locking screw. Insert is held down and tight against the shoulders. Clamp lock insures extra rigidity of insert and holds chip-breaker, when used, securely in place. Choice of various diamond shaped inserts provides adaptation to positive or negative rake profiling. Available in Model #115 (right hand) or #115L (left hand), dovetail mounting design assures maximum repeating accuracy when used with standard Aloris Tool Post. Holder supplied with shim and clamp.

Dimensions (see image) 
A: 13/4"; B: 27/8"

Profiling Insert
I.C.: 5/8"; thickness: 3/16"–1/4"; rake: positive or negative

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