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Short Mini Swivel-Cartridge Tool Holder AT-10S

Brand: Aloris
Product Code: AT-10S
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For left or right hand turning, boring, facing and chamfering. Tool holder can be used with cartridge or high-speed steel swivel head. Indexing of every 15° permits many angular turning and boring operations. Adjustment is made by just one turn of the lock screw, and selecting desired setting — 12 positive lock positions. The cartridge accommodates triangular carbide insert with “0” rake allowing internal and external threading. The high-speed steel swivel head has 60° included angle and can be ground to various job requirements.

Designed for mounting in boring bars, such as Aloris BB___ series for angular boring and threading. In addition, the short holder can be used in Aloris quick-change tool holders #6, #9 and #18 for multiple turning.

Shank size: 1/2" x 1/2" x 23/4"

Replacement Parts:
High Speed Swivel Head: CRT-10H
Swivel Clamp Screw: LS-10C
Carbide Insert Swivel Head: CRT-10
Insert Clamp Screw: LS-4

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